Mike’s Back Shed

For the past 30 years Michael Rigo and his family have played an integral part in the Plumbing and Building Industry in Australia with the development of the well-known Novelli Tapware brand.

After a series of mergers and the subsequent sale of the Manufacturing/Wholesale Distribution business, Mike has been actively developing his own business model. “As being previously involved in a manufacturing and wholesale style business, we were constantly faced with a huge amount of obsolete or discontinued stock. The products, still brand new, would be offered at dramatically reduced prices to our regular customers, with the hope that some would ‘take them off our hands’.”

Whilst still keeping in contact with a number of large manufactures with similar businesses, Mike realised that they were all facing a similar dilemma with discontinued stock lines. After many meetings and discussions, Mike has opened his first genuine ‘Builders and Renovators Warehouse’ in Osborne Park. Located in a rear warehouse on Guthrie Street, Osbourne Park. Mike has transformed the warehouse into a “one stop” Builder, Handyman or Air-conditioned Renovators dream.

The selection of products (all at clearance prices with manufactures warranties in place on the majority of items) is amazing!